Altered Atmosphere

There were three reasons for me to get this car dynoed while still in the United States:
  • To see if everythings works fine (air/fuel, pressure hoses, etc.).
  • To have a baseline for tuning.
  • To be able to compare US standard issue Dynojet numbers to our German MaHa and Bosch numbers.

The facilty I chose mainly works with japanese cars.

It took them some time to strap my car to their DynoJet.

They also have a wideband 02 sensor.

The car performed as expected, and the numbers were (also as expected) very high: 213.5 whp for both runs (first run was in third gear, second run in fourth gear).
This roughly translates to 248 - 252 bhp, depending on how much transmission loss you assume (15 - 18 %).
Of course, those are very optimistic numbers.

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